Do you have any question about my work? Changes are it is already answered here! For further information, please contact me and I will be happy to help!

1. Are you the right designer for me?
Since you are in my site, I believe it is very likely that I am! But make sure to check my Portfolio out and also my Premade Designs to know my design style and a little about my skills, before orderning any Custom Design. You can also contact me for more information!

2. How did you learn how to code/do design?
Pratice, much pratice! It all started as a hobby of mine, so luckily I got the chance to learn it out of curiosity, passion and genuine interest, not as a boring job. I've been enjoying this journey for about 7 years now!

3. What platforms do you work with?
I work with both Blogger and Wordpress.

4. Do you do blog design only? Do you do ______?
I work with blog/website/logo design, and offer branding services. If you are unsure whether or not I offer a certain service, please don't hesitate and contact me. I will do my best to help you or, when possible, refer you to someone else!

5. Can I add other features besides what the packages already include to my custom blog design?
Sure, you can! You can see the list of Additional Features by clicking here!

6. How much do you charge?
You can check my Blogger and Wordpress packages here. You are able to choose the basic package or include additional features and create a combo the right size of your needs!

7. What payment methods do you accept?
All payments are done through Paypal, since it is secure and accepts several different payment methods. There's no need to have a Paypal account, though.

8. How long does the Design Process take?
It really depends on each project. From the day I start the design work itself, until its completition, it usually takes up to 2 weeks. I always make sure to design something that reflects my clients' vision for their website/blog, and I work on one project at a time. It also depends on how prompt the customer is to answer e-mails and send me feedback during the revision rounds. If a customer takes to long to reply, I will get the next project in my Waiting List started, and return to the previous customer's project after that.

9. When will you start working on my project?
It depends on my Waiting List. The Queue shows when there are available spots. There is no rushing fee.

10. Do you offer installation for your blog designs?
Yes, I do. If you decide to purchase a custom design, the installation is included in the final price. If you buy a premade design (both one-of-a-kind and non-exclusive), you can purchase the installation service as an add-on here.

11. What are your work hours?
I work Monday-Friday. No holidays or weekends. However, I answer e-mails whenever I'm available, which means I may answer them even out of my work time.

12. Do you offer discounts?
Yes, I do! There may be seasonal/special discounts to be used with codes, but I also over 20% off for any Returning Client* and a $5 design credit on my Refer-A-Friend* program!

13. How does your Refer-A-Friend* program work?
Once you are my client, you can refer my work to other people, like family, friends or fellow bloggers, and if they hire me, you will be given a $5 design credit (for each refered client) to be used at any future project of yours!

14. Is there any discount if I don't use all the available revision rounds?
For Custom Blog Designs, I offer 3 revision rounds as standard. Extra revision will cost additional fees. However, if a customer is satisfied with the design even before using all the available revisions (that is, 3), there will be a %5 off for each untaken round!

15. Do you love lasagna?
No... I just think that life gets better with it!

*The Returning Client discount cannot be used along with the Refer-A-Friend program. The client will choose either one or the other. Make sure to do the math and pick the best one!