Redesign and rebranding are never an easy task. But it is worth it. The first step is to get to know what your own style is, keeping in mind what message you want to send with your brand/website/blog.

To redesign and rebrand Yellow Blog, I did a research on colors, textures and structures that better represent my business and me. That's where mood boards come in handy. Collecting inspirational images is a must for any designer. It's more than just picking a color palette: it is building an identity.

To create a mood board, search online for fashion, nature, art and decor pictures that you like. It can also include patterns, textures, simple lines. Then it is necessary to narrow down that number of collected images to something that display some "pattern". In my case, I do like things that have a natural resemblance, like the rough texture of recycled paper. When it comes to colors, yellow has always been "my" color, since I was little. However, I can't deny that I have a crush on neutrals and straight lines. With that kind of information in mind, you will be able to see said "pattern" amongst most of the pictures you first collected. That "pattern" is a way your taste and personality can be visually defined.

The last adjustments to my new blog/brand design were about what message I want to send to my customers. My design work is mainly clean and modern. So I did need to add that concept to my own brand identity. I want anyone who visits my blog to see what kind of work I can offer: clean, modern, colorful, useful and strongly committed to quality. I needed, thus, a bold and yet clean design.

I'm very happy with the result. It came out true to myself and to what kind of design Yellow Blog provides to its customers. I hope that this journey of mine helps you to better understand what your own visual identity is, and that Yellow Blog can make your online space truly "yours".

- Glória Hefzibá